What a blast!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

YOU TUBE and ME!!! It's my 3rd Birthday!!!

Wow!!!!!! What a wonderful week!
Firstly- I had 2 great pieces of in the Woman's Day saying how I had made the wedding jewels for Jana Rawlinson-one of Oz's Olympic athletes and another in The Age newspaper talking about our new World Wide Good News website.

THEN...I FINALLY agreed to do a TV show on Channel 31 with Steve Williams. Now you may all think-yes yes-that's what she wanted all along, but it really wasn't. In fact last year I had some bizarre experiences with people I knew totally not understanding me and my motivation with You Tube and to be honest it kind of put me off doing all the celebrity stuff. However...Steve waited til I was ready and he is such a GREAT teacher and he is so encouraging that it has been an absolute pleasure embarking on the whole TV thing. I am totally comfortable around him and we are even kind of alike. So it's just PERFECT!!!

I REALLY REALLY love the connection I have made with people, regular people on You Tube. I LOVE making the Fitness videos on my 100 Day Fitness Challenge and seeing how people are really achieving their goals and I love receiving messages that I have helped people not feel as sad. THAT's what You Tube is about for me. I like doing the celebrity stuff too...the events etc, but my goal there was always to make it feel like everyone was there too. Those events still have a ring of glamour and an aura for me because I am just flitting in and out of that world. That's how I wanted to show it . It is exciting for me to go to a lovely event...I think I would hate to ever get to the point where I didn't appreciate it and brushed it all off as totally normal.

So everyone...3 years TODAY and I am so grateful to Lilou Mace, one of the creators of the 100 Day Challenge, for pushing me to do it. I have since met her and the other 2 girls involved too...Laura Duksta and Sandy Grason. All highly motivated,positive girls. In fact Lilou is one of the other anchors on World Wide Good News...check her out!!!

That's what life is about for me...surrounding myself with people who get me,support me and like me... it's not possible for everyone to like you-or you to like them as I get older I am choosing to be around those that do.

Thanks so so much to all my You Tube friends-I am so grateful for the amazing things I have done. I have LOVED becoming a part of WICKED and making all those videos and getting to know the Wicked fans world wide. I don't think I will ever have that experience with another show.

SUPER BIG KISS to everyone who has been there for me these last 3 another 10 years You Tube won't be such a big fact I think some of my original critiques may possibly have done videos themselves...funny how the world turns!!!

Have a happy day everyone!!!!!! Love Megan xxxxxxx


  1. To my beautiful wife.......good for you ,keep going i enjoy you being always UP!!!!!!!

    There are very few people that are energised to your level........most people have glimmers, dribs and drabs

    The difference is is naturally in you not put on

    love paul

  2. I just read your husband's comment and that was so nice of him. What a compliment! 2 are so inspiring!
    Congrats for all the wonderful things you have achieved so far and the ones that are yet to come...
    Greetings from Budapest.. :)

  3. Great to have got to know you in your YouTube years, Megan, you're definitely a positive force for me - so happy we're friends. Happy YT wishes to ya :) Chris.

  4. I so totally agree Paul! I have known Megan for what.....32 years.....and you know, she hasnt changed a bit. She was always up! Always seeing the best in situations and always seeing the best in the people she met along the way!
    She is probably the one person who I can say I have never heard say anything bad about anyone else. What a rarity!!!
    Its what I try to teach my kids every step of the way.
    Janine xxx

  5. Thanks to my beautiful husband for the gorgeous comment as well as Chris and Janine-I treasure our friendships too xxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Megan,
    I would just like to say GOOD ON YOU for making a conscious choice to be around the people who support and believe in you! <3 It makes such a huge difference to one's personal happiness to have people around that encourage you to do the things that make you happy I think! And you know what, you spread positivity and inspiration which is such an amazing thing:) Go girlfriend hehe XX Susie Kjellhov

  7. Thanks Susie-you are so took me a while to learn that!!! Have a happy weekend xxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Megan, I wanted to share the Bloggers Sunshine Award with you! So please check out to receive your award. Love Connie x