What a blast!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tuesday 4th May 2010

Well, Sunday was the TV WEEK LOGIES AWARDS in Australia and although I have been before and filmed on the red carpet, this was my most FAVOURITE time yet.

I started off by making poor Zoe spray me with "Tan In A Can" so I could have that "spray tan" finish and then I went to Ornate salon in Prahran and had my hair done. For those of you that know me, you will also know that I am not your typical girly girl...I so RARELY get my hair "done" or even trimmed for that matter, so a visit to a salon is still quite a treat!!!

I wore a beautiful dress by Matthew Williamson, a British designer and felt fabulous. I actually wore it for my husband Paul's 50th a couple of months ago and so it was fun to wear it again.

Steve Williams, the co host of our TV show collected me at 3pm and we raced down to Crown Casino to get a "place" in the media area where we could film and grab the stars as they paraded past. We couldn't BELIEVE how full all the areas were and we were EARLY!!! Our first spot was a disaster, trying to keep a place at the front of the "radio" area...TRAGIC!!! Fortunately I went looking again and found an AMAAAAAAAAAZING spot right as the stars came in from outside...PERFECT!

At first Steve was doing all the interviews, mainly because I was nervous about talking to the celebs I knew NOTHING about...not nervous as in star struck, just nervous that I would struggle for conversation...asking about an outfit only takes you so far!!! LOL!!! He may have regretted encouraging me because once I saw the ones I admired or knew, there was no STOPPING me!!! Actually Steve is fabulous to be doing this with because he really is my teacher. He has an ease that I admire and he ALWAYS encourages me and advises me in just the right way. I am so happy that he asked me to share his show with him.

My BEST interview for the night was with Andy Lee of Hamish and Andy fame. Recently he knocked his centre front tooth out in an ice hockey prank for his NIGHTMARE!!! I HAD to know all about it and check it out and he ended up taking the tooth OUT for me...he said I got the "scoop" and I didn't see that he had done it for anyone else... HURRAY!!!!!!!

So I talked to Jennifer Hawkins, Rove and Tasma Walton, Rebecca Gibney, Hughsey (who said he followed my tweets and Facebook-LOL!!!) , Shaun Micallef, the Newton family, Daryl Somers, Anthony Callea, Livinia Nixon,Sigrid Thornton, Johanna Griggs, Margot Robbie, Ashleigh Brewer, Carrie Bickmore, Kat Stewart, Jolene Anderson, Tiffany Cherry, Jane Hall, the girls from The Circle, Vince Colosimo and many more and Steve chatted to LOADS too!!!

EVERYONE was charming and lovely and happy to was a pleasure and really lovely that these people who are so well known actually gave me such a chance. I appreciate it a lot.

So, after the "red carpet" we went up to the "media room" which I never had experienced before. This is a room for the press to hang out and after the awards are presented, the winners are brought in and we can photograph or ask questions...I did it all!!!!!! I truly needed 6 one stage I was videoing AND taking stills with my big camera!!!!!!! 

At the end of the Logies we waited for what seemed like an ETERNITY for Ray Meagher to come to the media room. Angela Bishop, the Channel 10 Entertainment correspondent was there and as the cameras turned on for her to interview him, guess who was standing right in shot?????? YEP...ME!!! I didn't realise at first, but when I did, I decided to stay put as I thought all my You Tube friends and my family would find it amusing.....they did!!!

So at midnight we headed off to the Channel 7 after party and I finally got to EAT something and visit the bathroom!!!!!!! It was all happening there, but Steve and I only stayed a while and we were home tucked up in our respective beds at 2.30am!!!

What a fun night. I am so grateful to Steve for this fun opportunity. I LOVE the experiences I have through doing all these things. It's not about the money for me, it's about making my life fun and full.

What are YOU doing to ensure YOUR life is fun and full???

Thanks for reading-love Megan xxxxxxx


  1. Great work Megan, on your way to excellent things.
    Love your happy attitude!
    Keep it up!
    Cheers (all the way from snowy sweden)

  2. I am breathless just reading this. What a fun night!!! Interesting how I only recognize just a couple of the names. Celebrities in Australia are not known over here at all.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Megan!!! You are BLOOOOO GGGGIIINNNGG?? How cool is that? Boy, you know how to do all the stuff on here too. I don't even know how to get other bloggers sites onto mine...Everybody is on this kind, I'm on wordpress....someday I guess I'll figure it out. It's gotta be some button I don't know what it does..hahahaha.
    You had such fun!!! What a learning experience that must be, wow, ....I think it's great you have such a good coach!!! Wow, I'll be checking your blogs now, too!!! Yeah, welcome to the blog world!!!